EZHD Time Lapse Package

For a weekend event or a multi-year construction project, the EZHD package is the easy way to get the professional time lapse you want.

Here's how it works:

Ship you a camera
Install it and frame your shot.
Configure and monitor your camera.
Watch the progress online. Ship it back when you're done.
Send you the edited footage.
Audience is amazed. Good for YOU.

Picture of Camera

EZHD Camera

The EZHD Time Lapse Camera consists of:

  • High quality digital SLR camera with wide angle lens.
  • Embedded computer with redundant data storage.
  • 4G Cellular modem with high-gain antenna.
  • Advanced reporting and email alerts.
  • Watchdog control module.
The system is enclosed in outdoor, weatherproof enclosure to withstand the elements. Mounting hardware is included.


Installation usually takes just a few minutes. The included pole and wall mount brackets allow for flexibility in choosing your mounting location.

  • Choose your mounting location.
  • Mount the camera with the included hardware.
  • Plug it into power and wait 5 minutes.
  • Frame your shot from your smartphone or computer.
  • Relax, your part is done. We do the rest.

Recording and Monitoring

Great time lapse videos start with great photos. The EZHD Time Lapse Camera is the perfect choice for reliable, beautiful 4K Ultra HD videos.

  • Photos are captured in widescreen aspect ratio.
  • Custom recording schedule.
  • Excellent results in low-light conditions.
We monitor your camera's status and let you know if it loses power so that you don't lose valuable footage.

Online Access

In addition to saving your photos locally, the EZHD camera also uploads images to our secure servers for you to view online. You get:

  • Unlimited online access to uploaded photos.
  • On-demand time lapse video previews.
  • Public or private access -- you decide.
  • Integration with your website.
Easily review the footage from your entire project. Sort, filter, and navigate from the calendar based interface.

Video Production

At the end of your project we provide a prepaid return label for you to send the camera back to us. Then you'll work with our video editors to finalize your time-lapse video.

When you're happy with the video, we encode it using a few different sizes and bitrates, including a 4K Ultra HD version suitable for future editing. Normally we use H.264 .mp4 format, but if you need something different, just ask.

You also get all of the original media so that you can do your own thing if you prefer. You hold the copyrights to all photos and video.

Post Processing

We specialize in making time lapse video look great. We use our proprietary post processing workflow to create smooth, professional-grade video for you.

This includes:

  • Smoothing out slight movement that is common when filming over long time periods.
  • Balancing luminance between frames to minimize flicker associated with changing lighting.
  • Motion blending (optional) helps your audience to focus on your project's progress.


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